Thursday, 30 July 2015

Accessories to Spruce Up Your Look On Your Wedding Day

Now that you have found your gown, the next most important thing that you should do is pick up the perfect accessories that match with your dress. Here are some suggestions from some wedding consultants on choosing the finishing touches. Read them if you really want to look beautiful on your D-day. 

Jewellery can add a touch to your beauty but if you wear too many with an already-embellished dress, your beauty may not be highlighted. So, it is always recommended to have a look at the unique features of the gown that you have bought before basing your choices around them. For instance, if your gown comes up with an ornate neckline, buy drop earrings instead of a necklace. Only wear a bold statement necklace if your gown is simple in style. Small studs looks great when hair is left down and over the ears. For a little more dramatic look, chandelier danglers are a good choice. However, designs that mimic the embellishments on the gown should be avoided by all means. 


You can choose from a number of options when it comes to veils but make sure the one you buy matches the exact shade of your wedding dress and doesn't steal the spotlight. Consider the size and style while buying. 

 No outfit is complete without a perfect pair of shoes. So, make sure the shoe you buy matches your dress and personality. It should be comfortable as well because you will have to stand for a long period of time on your wedding day. Looking for high quality natural material is a good option. 

Wedding bags 
Although you may not want to walk up the aisle with a handbag, a designer wedding bag can be a very useful thing for keeping all the essential items of your wedding day. It is an accessory that can make you look prettier but for that you need to pick the right one. But you should not only choose the bag keeping in mind the colour, design and fabric of your dress; you should also make sure it is comfortable to hold. You can also create your own custom bag by detailing your specifications to the concerned person of the shop.  

You can get all these accessories online. So, if you do not want to go out of your house to buy them, you can browse the web and buy the one of your choice right from the comfort of your home. There are many shops that sell online wedding bags as well.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

What Are The Essential Features of Handbags?

Women may like to think about the most fundamental features of a handbag before considering one for purchase. This often helps to choose the right item which suits their requirements. But some women make their selection based only on colour, size or shape alone and forget to take such features into account as straps, pockets, closures, etc. However, it is not possible to purchase an appropriate item if these are left out from consideration.

Some of those essential features of handbags are as follows:


The size of a handbag can enhance as well as hamper a woman’s look. Large options can confuse small-framed shoppers, whereas tiny designs might look indiscernible with certain outfits. Some chiropractors advise that the weight of a handbag should not be more than 10 per cent of weight of the woman carrying it. If a large one is the ultimate requirement, then one should make sure that it has got handles.


The colour of the purse should match with the attire. Experimenting with colours that present a sharp contrast can be a lot of fun. For instance, pairing a bright yellow clutch with a glimmering satin blue evening dress can be quite memorable. A multi-coloured or neon option can be used for making a fashion statement.


There are several different lengths for handbag straps, so a woman must be aware of the one which suits their requisites. Most buyers choose longer and adjustable ones because shorter straps would feel uncomfortable with bulky outfits. Crossbody designs may be ideal for use in high-crime areas. Handles can even be substituted for straps as they put less weight on the carrier’s back and shoulders. Common handle and strap materials include chain, leather, bamboo, wood, etc.


Women who prefer purses that feature several pockets may love a pocket tote design. Pockets are quite popular for the fact that they are excellent storage options in handbags and accessories that are used regularly such as cell phone, cosmetic products, candies, etc. can be stored in them with ease.


Closures are intriguing components as most women often hunt for designs that will either keep sneaky people from fishing into their handbag. Some popular closure styles include loop and button, magnetic snaps and zippers.


Choosing a fashionable handbag which features attractive embellishments can be quite fun. Popular embellishments provided with daytime purses are spikes, crystals, studs, sequins and fringe. Evening bags may feature embroidery, beading 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Wedding Bags-The Mostly Overlooked But Important Accessory In Wedding

A wedding bag is a special formal purse designed for carrying those significant items, which a bride may need over the course of her D-day. It is an accessory, which is mostly overlooked in wedding preparations. Much of the thought is put in shoes and veils and not these bags. The perfect wedding bag basically completes the outfit of the bride and it may even become a treasured family heirloom as well. 

The bag can be chosen in white, for matching the bridal gown or can be dyed for matching the mother of the bride's or maid of honour's gown, acknowledging that any one between these two women is likely to take charge of the bag during most of the hours. But choosing a wedding bag involves taking a lot of factors into consideration. The size, colour, fabric and ornamentation are basically the main things that need to be considered when purchasing the fashion accessory for the wedding day. 

Wedding bags are offered in a wide range of evening bag designs with elegant clutches being the most popular choice. Wristlets and pouches are also available for weddings but they are not as popular as the clutches. However, nowadays, handbags with a ring handle are in demand as well. The surface treatments of these designer pieces incline to lace, satin, beads and sequins helping them to match the contemporary wedding dresses. 

Finding the perfect wedding purse is not an easy task. It needs to be brought along with wedding dress or separately. The best time to shop for it is when shopping other accessories such as shoes and jewelleries. These designer pieces are available at brick-and-mortar bridal shops as well as online. There are even many shops that sell custom wedding bags online. No matter where one buys from, matching the colour of the bag with the dress is the most difficult thing. Lighting conditions even play a big role in determining how the bag is going to look like in a photo; keeping that in mind the accessory should be purchased.