Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Different Types of Handbags

Handbags are one of the most utilitarian accessories in the closet of a woman. They serve a variety of purposes which includes holding items of daily use, protecting valuables and so on. Let’s have a look at the some of the popular variants of handbags that one can choose from.

Shoulder Strap Bags
These are very commonly used by women all over the world and include a single strap or double which is generally slung over the shoulder. They are produced in a myriad of shapes and designs, and go well with almost any casual or semi-formal attire. The oversized options add a classic touch when taken with jeans.

They are characterised by single long strap and are ideal to be taken along when going for picnics or running errands, and also for students. Satchels look great when teamed with western casuals.

Clutches are fantastic and versatile options for carrying around money during lunch breaks at work or events of similar nature, or even while going for evening walks. They have a cute look, and are usually available in a variety of colours. A chic clutch with multiple pockets can easily be used fitting in one’s little essentials. Several shops also sell these evening handbags online.

Cross-body Handbags
Besides providing the freedom to store all the necessary items of daily use close by your side, these look chicer when compared to backpacks. A typical cross-body exhibits a sturdy strap, a front flap that is easily adjustable and spacious compartments. These types are neither too light nor too heavy, and are very handy.

Straw Baskets
Ideal for use in the summer months, these handbags present an ethnic and chic appeal. The vintage look of straw baskets makes them appear more playful than most other variants. They were popularised by fashion icon Jane Birkin during the ‘70s.

Beach Bags
Beach bags come in wide range of colour combinations and are generally made of straw, cloth or similar material. Some high-quality beach bags are even lined with plastic on their interiors. They are ideal to be carried along to beach picnics, gym, or even to college. One can also be creative with these by tying a sash of a contrasting colour around the handle.

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